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       Mike Conway was one of those kids who gravitated to Radio, TV and Motion Pictures at a young age, writing silly home spun skits and grade school bits for the various opportunities that popped up around his small Michigan town.    Mike's Father helped him build a mock radio station in his bedroom closet at the age of 8 using one of those “Lafayette” limited range am broadcasters, complete with real broadcast mic and 2 tape machines for playback of his “issues of the day” and music segments.     He performed as a feature talent on a Flint Michigan variety TV show at the age of 9 as a young musician, and then went on to compose and record his first jingle for a regional furniture store in his home town at the age of 12.     Mike started in voice over production as an engineer / producer of national spots, religious programming, and a session musician and songwriter.     At 24 Mike worked as a lipsync producer for a large TV production facility completing foreign language material in 11 languages.     Mike acted in several theatrical production roles as both a lead and supporting actor and learned the art of timing and delivery at a very young age.     In 2001, Mike was commissioned by the International Biathlon Union to compose a theme song for their promotion and inspirational uses during the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, and has created music, and voice productions for many large corporations since then.    Mike is now producing high quality voice over / music projects in his state of the art home studio for clients around the world.

Hasbro - Play-Doh
Greenlight Loans
Holiday Inn
Outback Steakhouse
2002 Olympic Winter Games
Mercury Insurance
Serve U
Mattress King
Park Plaza Hotel
Howard Johnson
Badcock and More
Cherry's Resturant
Sobalo Boats
Pack N Post

"We had another voice guy in the studio, but his attitude was tough to work with, and we never got what we really wanted... Then we heard about Mike...  He found a way to get our HUGE project done with time to spare, and under budget too... !"   "Simply the best customer service..."  -Viv Sloan  Video Producer

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